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Unity Web Player


Unity Web Player - installation module for a web browser with 3D graphics function. Download Unity Web Player for free on our official portal.



  • Действительно впечатляющая онлайн-графика

  • Позволяет вам играть в крутые бесплатные игры


  • Для быстрого использования требуется хорошее подключение к Интернету


Unity Web Player free download

Version: 2019.2.7

Policy: Free

Vendor: Unity

Bittype: x32

Size: 1.06 mb

Full description

The plugin is able to play 3D graphics in your web browser, this function is carried out using the Unity engine. You can open your favorite games not in the normal mode, but already in the updated 3D content.

Many plugins, including Adobe Flash, often pose a threat and require constant updating. Unity Web Player has made an incredible leap in innovation, so now it is considered the most popular plugin in the new generation of browsers. For some users, the platform may not reproduce the highest quality graphics, it depends solely on the installed OS. Our site offers download Unity Web Player for Windows of any version.